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article star newspaper
  1. Use this graphic organizer to summarize the 5 W's of a news story: Who, When, Where, What, and Why. For example, an informational description of a politician could look like this: Senator Smith is originally from Connecticut and is thirty years old. The Kansas City Star newspaper in Kansas City, MO is proud to offer you local news coverage online. Rving the Kansas City Metro, KansasCity. Has local, breaking.
  2. Presenting a story to readers who may otherwise have no knowledge of the subject is a big responsibility, and you will want to collect as much well-researched and firsthand information as possible. The online versions are called or news websites. Online version of Minneapolis daily newspaper. Te features updated news stories, diversions, weather, archives. Largest circulation independent newspaper in Belize. W published bi weekly Tuesdays and weekend (main) edition.
  3. Winds light and variable. News, sports, community news service provided by the Dickenson Star, the Coalfield Progress, and The Post.
  4. Additionally, newspapers are seeing traditional advertisers shift to new media platforms. Further reading Willings Press Guide 134th ed. How to Write a Newspaper Article. Ws articles are fresh, clear, accurate and objective. Nce they are often read quickly or skimmed, the most important information.

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article star newspaper


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